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The Benson Neighbourhood Plan is being developed by the villagers of Benson for the villagers of Benson with the support of the Parish Council.  This is our opportunity as a community to shape the future of our village.  Your involvement in helping us to develop our Neighbourhood Plan over the coming months is crucial, thank you for your interest.

We will add further content to the website at regular intervals so do check back for new information.

The Benson Neighbourhood Plan Team


Saint Helen’s Avenue Update

In our last Neighbourhood Plan update, we promised to let you have details of the appeal hearing on Gladman’s proposal to build 130 houses on land south of St Helen’s Avenue (BEN7). 

This appeal will take the form of a Public Inquiry to be held at Fountain Conference Centre, Howbery Park, Crowmarsh Gifford, OX10 8BA on 1st and 2nd of August 2017, starting at 10am each day. Anyone can attend and, at the Inspector’s discretion, speak at the inquiry.

SODC will be contesting the appeal, primarily on the grounds of noise and vibration from RAF Benson’s helicopter operations, which they do not believe can be successfully mitigated – the site is directly underneath the main approach flightpath. 

Benson PC and the Neighbourhood Plan team will also be speaking at the inquiry.  We will be seeking to make our own case as forcibly as we can, supporting SODC’s arguments on noise and vibration, but also explaining why the site is not allocated in our Neighbourhood Plan and showing that this development, if approved, will risk jeopardising the sites we are allocating in the Plan and the Edge Road that depends on them as well as taking up scarce school places,.  Having made great strides towards securing the Edge Road in recent weeks (update to follow shortly!) this would be a very unwelcome complication.

We would encourage as many people as possible to attend the inquiry.  This could be at any time during the two days but the start of the hearing on Day 1 is likely to be the most informative, as this is when the Inspector will lay out his approach and intended running order.  This is also the point at which you will need to register with the Inspector if you wish to speak.

Benson Plan Team