Welcome to the Benson Neighbourhood Plan


The Benson Neighbourhood Plan has been developed by the villagers of Benson for the villagers of Benson with the support of the Parish Council.  This is our opportunity as a community to shape the future of our village.  Thank you for your involvement in helping us to develop our Neighbourhood Plan.

The Benson Neighbourhood Plan Team


Benson Neighbourhood Plan – REFERENDUM DATE
28TH JUNE 2018

Polling cards are now been sent out as Benson’s Neighbourhood Plan has completed its examination and now proceeds to Referendum.

Please do exercise your right to vote. This is your chance to help decide the future of our village.

What does voting mean?

This is the most important stage of the whole process.  We have completed over two years of work; consulted the community to establish its priorities; worked with developers to secure commitments; and agreed principles with SODC and OCC.  Our Plan has now been endorsed by the appointed Examiner and has “significant weight” in determining planning decisions within our Parish boundaries.  On June 28th 2018, voters in Benson and Preston Crowmarsh, plus a number of residents of Rokemarsh judged by the Examiner to be directly affected by the Relief Road, will vote on the simple question “Do you support the Benson Neighbourhood Plan?”  If you normally have a postal vote in all other elections, you will be offered the same in this Referendum

If the majority vote ‘Yes’, our Plan will come into force with “Full Weight”; it will have legal status, and future and outstanding applications for developments will be determined in line with the Plan.   If the majority vote ’No’, the Plan becomes invalid and none of its provisions have any weight.  Should the village ever decide that it does need a Neighbourhood Plan in the future, it will have to start the process again.

Please put 28th June in your diary now!

Benson Neighbourhood Plan Team