Welcome to the Benson Neighbourhood Plan


The Benson Neighbourhood Plan has been developed by the villagers of Benson for the villagers of Benson with the support of the Parish Council.  This is our opportunity as a community to shape the future of our village.  Thank you for your involvement in helping us to develop our Neighbourhood Plan.

The Benson Neighbourhood Plan Team




The results from yesterday’s referendum were:

YES Votes – 1,001 (93%)
NO Votes – 74 (7%)
Spoilt papers – 1

Turnout – 35%

This is a great result and marks the final step in a journey that started in January 2016. The Neighbourhood Plan now attains ‘Full Weight / legal status’ and is incorporated into SODC’s Local Plan as the blueprint for planning in our Parish.

The Benson Neighbourhood Plan Team wants to say a huge ‘thank you’ to everyone in our community:

To those who voted YES, thanks very much for your support – 93% is even better than we hoped.

To NO voters, we want to ensure that we do whatever we can to mitigate your concerns and deliver the benefits the Plan has secured.

The Neighbourhood Plan will deliver much more than new housing and the Relief Road. It provides for community facilities, sets design standards for developments and secures green spaces. It also generates very significant additional funding for us to use on other projects that benefit everyone in our community – both existing and new residents.

The Focus now shifts to implementing the plan and ensuring the facilities and benefits that have been committed by developers and others are realised. More on this to come!

Benson Neighbourhood Plan Team