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The Benson Neighbourhood Plan is being developed by the villagers of Benson for the villagers of Benson with the support of the Parish Council.  This is our opportunity as a community to shape the future of our village.  Your involvement in helping us to develop our Neighbourhood Plan over the coming months is crucial, thank you for your interest.

We will add further content to the website at regular intervals so do check back for new information.

The Benson Neighbourhood Plan Team


St Helen’s Avenue Appeal

The Public Inquiry appeal hearing on Gladman’s proposal to build 130 houses on land south of St Helen’s Avenue (BEN7) was held at Fountain Conference Centre, Howbery Park on 1st and 2nd of August 2017.
SODC contested the appeal, and Benson PC and the Neighbourhood Plan team made our own case explaining why the site is not allocated in our Neighbourhood Plan and undermined both the Plan and the Edge Road.
Thanks to all of you who turned up. You will be pleased to hear that the Inspector dismissed the appeal so the development cannot proceed.
This is an important step for the Neighbourhood Plan which now retains its integrity and can proceed to the next step and will be submitted to SODC in October.

Benson  Plan Team

Benson Plan September Update

This is a very short update!
The team has now worked through all the comments and issues arising from the Draft Plan consultation, revising our approach and policies where necessary, and we are now in the final push towards submission of the Full Plan.  The whole process has taken considerably longer than we had hoped, almost entirely due to factors outside our control, but we now believe we are close to having a Plan that will be acceptable to SODC, who will take it on from here, and that it will be passed fit by the Inspector, whom SODC will appoint to examine it.
We aim therefore to submit the Full Plan in October and hope that SODC will expedite the examination to start in late November however we are very much reliant on SODC from this point onwards.  Provided the Inspector approves the Plan, SODC will initiate the Neighbourhood Plan Referendum early in the New Year, when the village will decide whether to support the Plan or not.  By law, this referendum will be preceded by a 28-day ‘purdah’ period, during which all communications on the subject are prohibited.
We will hold a village meeting once the Plan has been cleared for examination and well before the purdah period, in order to brief the community fully and answer any questions people have.  We will of course also keep you updated regularly, as we progress towards submission and beyond.
Thanks again for your patience!
Benson  Plan Team