15 Jan

NEWS UPDATE – 15 January 2017

We plan to hold a Village Meeting to discuss our Draft Neighbourhood Plan on 3rd February at 7pm in the Parish Hall. See further information here

Benson as a community needs your support to define the future of our village. Our Neighbourhood Plan is nearly complete and we aim to submit it to SODC in February.

What are we asking you to do?

  • Join us in Benson Parish Hall at 7pm Friday 3 February
  • Hear how the Neighbourhood Plan has progressed and what is being proposed
  • Give us your views on our proposals
  • Above all we need your support to ensure the Neighbourhood Plan is adopted and carries weight in future planning decisions

Come along to the Parish Hall and encourage neighbours to come too. We need to complete the Benson Plan so we can take back some control of housing in our village! See the flyer here for further information on the event and the process.


Meeting format

  • 6.45pm – Doors open – feel free to view the information boards before the presentation
  • 7pm – Presentation by the Benson Plan Team on current progress
  • 7.45pm – 8.30pm – Open Forum Q&A session. The Benson Plan Team will answer any questions you might have
  • 8.30pm – 9pm – View the information boards and fill in a feedback form. Give us your views, we want to hear them.

We look forward to seeing you on the 3rd February (refreshments will be available – first glass of wine is free).

07 Jan

NEWS UPDATE – 7 January 2017

We plan to hold a Village Meeting to discuss our Draft Neighbourhood Plan on 3rd February prior to submitting the Plan to SODC for review shortly after that. Our timetable is tight and January is going to be very busy, so we wanted to ask for volunteers to help – initially in two areas …. though we may be back with further requests shortly!

  1. Help to transcribe comments from the Drop-in sessions– If our Plan is to have a strong influence on what gets developed in Benson, it needs to be evidence-based. Among other things, this means capturing accurately the input we receive from our community. At the last Drop-in session in early December, about 50 people submitted written comments, many of them quite lengthy, which we need now to transcribe to Microsoft Word. In order to make this a manageable task, it would be great if we could identify 3 or 4 volunteers to share the work. There will no doubt be several other ‘data capture’ exercises like this, so ideally we are looking for volunteers who would be prepared to repeat this exercise periodically!
  2. Desktop Publishing Skills– Following the village meeting on 3rd February, the Neighbourhood Plan Team will be pulling together all the strands of the plan into a single coherent document, together with photographs, diagrams, maps and supporting evidence. To help with this exercise, the team is looking for someone with desktop publishing experience and skills, who can manage the design, formatting and publication process. Please do let us know if you have these skills and would be able and willing to help!

If you can help us with either of these requests, just email us at info@bensonplan.org with your preferred contact details and we will get back to you.