08 Jun

NEWS UPDATE – 8 June 2016

Good News

Thank you so much to everyone who came along to the SODC Planning Committee this evening (Wednesday 8 June).

For those of you who were not able to attend we wanted to let you know some good news.  SODC has decided to defer their decision on the second West Waddy application until they receive further detailed information and have an actual visit to the site.

Jon, Dave, Frank and Felix all fought our corner really well and gave a thorough overview of our objections and concerns (in the few minutes they were given).

All in all the SODC Planning Committee were very positive about the progress of the Benson Plan and seemed incredibly support of such Plans in general so please stick with us. We are being listened to.

The next steps to move our Plan forward are to get the results from the Housing Needs Survey and firm up the draft policies we’ve produced so far. We will also be talking to the various land owners / agents that have put sites forward for development.

Don’t forget the Benson Plan Drop-in Sessions are this weekend, Friday 10 June 7pm – 9pm and Saturday 11 June 10am – 2pm at the Parish Hall. Please come along to meet the Benson Plan team and find out where we are with the Plan and how you can still get involved.  Your contribution will be really appreciated. This is YOUR village so tell us what you want.