Neighbourhood Plan Team

The Benson Plan Team is composed of Parish Councillors & local residents who are devoting their spare time to develop the Benson Neighbourhood Plan.


Jon Fowler Small

Jon Fowler is Chairman of the Benson Neighbourhood Plan Delivery Working Group.  He previously served as Chairman of Benson Parish Council. He has lived in Benson since 2003 so a relative newcomer compared to many of the stalwarts in the village. When not working for the Parish Council, Jon’s real job is as an IT Project Manager.


Philip Murray

Philip Murray is Vice-Chairman of the Neighbourhood Plan Steering Committee and a Parish Councillor and has lived in Benson since 1986. He recently retired from a career in business management and now works part-time as a strategic adviser to a number of small companies and charities.

Philip is coordinating the Communications and Marketing group, and will act as the link to the Built Environment, Conservation & Heritage workstream, coordinated by Catherine Murray, his wife!


Edel McGurk

Edel McGurk has lived in Benson with her family for around 2 and half years, so is relatively new to the village. Her children attend school locally. She is a wildlife biologist and works for a government body.

Edel is coordinating the Green Infrastructure work stream, covering open spaces, recreation, landscape and the natural environment.


Richard Hess moved to Benson in early 2019 having lived most of his working life in Africa, mainly in Zimbabwe. He ran his own economic and development consultancy company working across Africa and other developing countries. Having retired from that he now works with his son’s aquaponics business based in South Africa.

Richard is coordinating the Community Facilities workstream, covering topics such as Retail, Commercial and Youth Facilities